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Do Tacos Taste Better At A Restaurant Than At Home?

Why Tacos Are Better At Restaurants

Though most people would agree it always tastes better when you eat out than at home, because you don't have to cook and clean up the mess, this article provides a fun take as to why tacos taste better at a restaurant versus at home.

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Why Tacos Taste Better At A Restaurant Than At Home
Article Posted: August 2, 2022

The key take-aways from the article are as follows:

  • No matter how good your home tacos are, there always seems to be missing something
  • Tortillas make a big difference as a restaurant-quality taco starts with a great tortilla
  • Best to make your tortillas from scratch and that is not too difficult
  • Another way to elevate your homemade tacos is with simple, tasty garnishes

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