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Restaurants anxious as omicron and high food costs take toll

Restaurants Squeezed

How restaurants in the U.S. and United Kingdom are open without restrictions and often bustling, they are entering their second winter of the coronavirus pandemic anxious about what is ahead: They are squeezed by labor shortages and skyrocketing food costs and the omicron variant is looming.

A detailed article posted by: DEE-ANN DURBIN, MAE ANDERSON and SYLVIA HUI, AP News
Titled: Restaurants anxious as omicron, high food costs take toll
Date Posted: December 19, 2021

The key take-aways from the article are as follows:

  • Many diners are nervous about omicron variant and are not eating out, bookings are low or are canceling.
  • Staffing remains a challenge. In a recent survey of 3,000 U.S. restaurant operators, 77% said they do not have enough workers to meet demand, according to the National Restaurant Association, an industry trade group.
  • Restaurants have been raising prices as their own food and labor costs rise.
  • Margins are thin and thus prices will have to be raised to keep up.
  • Restauranteurs are looking for government support.

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