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U.S. Food Prices Are Up. Are the Food Corporations to Blame for Taking Advantage?

Possible Monopolies for Food

The article talks about rising food prices and possible connections with monopolistic practices for rise in food cost. 2021 was a bad year for grocery bills. Shoppers paid 6.4% more for groceries in November 2021 compared to November 2020, according to the consumers.

The following article was posted by: CLAIRE KELLOWAY with Time Magazine.
Titled: Food Prices Are Up. Are the Food Corporations to Blame for Taking Advantage
Date Posted: January 14, 2022 7:00 AM EST

The key take-aways from the article are as follows:

  • Food companies do face legitimate increased costs and unique shortages.
  • Food companies say rising prices are merely free markets at work - extreme weather and pandemic disruptions increased production costs and diminished the supply of food while demand increased in the U.S. and abroad as people started to emerge from the pandemic.
  • Food companies do face legitimate increased costs and unique shortages, but these aren't eating into their profits as economists might expect.
  • Food production has consolidated dramatically since the 1970's after changes in antitrust policy allowed more companies to buy up their competitors.
  • Article claims that food suppliers are recording record profits
  • The government claims to be looking into it
  • If the pandemic taught us anything it's that the food supply is only as secure as its workers are.

This news piece correlates to our previous blog posted recently: Food is more expensive than it has been in decades

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