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Perfect Layout for Event Bar

Setting up the perfect bar for an event: Part 1 of 5 - The Layout

The flow and function of a staffed bar for an event (such as a wedding, catering, party, etc) can be the 'make it or break it' feature for the success of an event. Let's be honest, if the food service is excellent but the bar is not functioning well, guest will be upset. If the food is terrible, but the bar is excellent, the par...

FDA Broadens Food Traceability

FDA Prepares to Broaden Traceability Requirements for Food Supply Chains

Interesting article of how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down once again on food producers, with a new and tougher requirement for product safety and traceability. The following article was posted by: Robert J. Bowman, SupplyChainBrain Titled: FDA Prepares to Broaden Traceability Requirements for ...

Costmenu Nutrition Labels

Warning labels could help customers identify hidden sugar in restaurant menus

Seeing a warning icon on a restaurant menu may help consumers identify the high amounts of added sugar hidden in menu items -- and it may even convince them to reach for healthier items like water, say researchers. The following article was posted by: Karen Michele Nikos-Rose University of California - Davis | Science Daily Web...

Canada food costs

Food banks stretched thin as food prices rise, increasing hunger and food insecurity

A growing number of Canadians are struggling to afford groceries as prices for basics like pasta, bread, and meat all soar, a new survey suggests affecting families and food banks. The following article was posted by: Nicole Thompson, The Canadian Press on Titled: Food banks stretched thin as food prices ...

Inflation a Major Concern

Inflation can be a lethal threat for restaurants

Shorter article addressing the concerns many restauranteurs have regarding inflation and the year of year rises in costs. Interesting article posted by: By Peter Romeo on Restaurant Business Online Titled: Inflation is festering into a lethal threat for restaurants URL:

Inflation and Food Costs

How inflation is affecting restaurants and where Costmenu can help

Perspective and article revolving around a local Boston pizzeria as an example of the current inflation situation as it relates to restauranteurs. Higher costs for food, labor, rent, gasoline and cooking gas make it harder for casual dining places to buy, cook and deliver meals. And they're limited in how much they can pass on t...