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Chipotle tests RFID technology

RFID technology tested by Chipotle to improve food traceability

Article of how Chipotle is testing radio-frequency identification technology at its Chicago distribution center and about 200 restaurants in the Greater Chicago region to improve its traceability and inventory systems. The following article was posted by: Julie Littman on Titled: Chipo...

Russian war threatens breadbasket supply

War by Russia on Ukraine threatens world's 'breadbasket' supply

The war by Russian on Ukraine is anticipated to create global disruptions to wheat supplies, though it has not happen yet prices have already surged 55 percent. The following article was posted by: BY JOSEPH WILSON, SAMY MAGDY, AYA BATRAWY AND CHINEDU ASADU | ASSOCIATED PRESS posted on ...

state of the restaurant industry

2022 state of the restaurant industry report available

Rising labor and food costs are chipping away at the restaurant industry's hard-won gains and delaying recovery, according to the findings of a new 2022 report. The following article was posted by: By Kate Rogers on CNBC WebsiteTitled: Restaurant recovery is hampered by higher costs, Covid surges as 2022 gets off...

Food Price Inflation

Food price inflation is driven by more than supply chain problems

Interesting perspective referencing rising food prices coupled with stable and steady consumption along with labor issues. Food price inflation was higher in 2021 than in any year since 2008. The following article was posted by: Pat Westhoff with Columbia Daily Tribune. Titled: Food price inflation is driven by more than s...

Possible Monopolies for Food

U.S. Food Prices Are Up. Are the Food Corporations to Blame for Taking Advantage?

The article talks about rising food prices and possible connections with monopolistic practices for rise in food cost. 2021 was a bad year for grocery bills. Shoppers paid 6.4% more for groceries in November 2021 compared to November 2020, according to the consumers. The following article was posted by: CLAIRE KELLOWAY with Tim...

Restaurants Squeezed

Restaurants anxious as omicron and high food costs take toll

How restaurants in the U.S. and United Kingdom are open without restrictions and often bustling, they are entering their second winter of the coronavirus pandemic anxious about what is ahead: They are squeezed by labor shortages and skyrocketing food costs and the omicron variant is looming. A detailed article posted by: DEE-AN...